Romantic Comedies that will Make You Believe in Love

Even the worst cynics don’t mind watching a romantic comedy from time to time. After all, if the movie’s catchy, non-standard, and not filled with clichés, why not give it a try? These twelve films will make you believe that true love still exists.

12) Magic in the Moonlight, USA, UK
The famous English illusionist Stanley Crawford is trying to expose the young spiritualist Sophie, whose abilities got the attention of a well-known and influential family. First, Stanley’s interest for the girl is purely professional, but then it grows into something bigger.

11) Man Up, United Kingdom
Nancy is a pretty, but very lonely girl, who can’t find her love. One day she accidentally comes to someone else's blind date and pretends to be a completely different person, not knowing what consequences she’ll have to face.

10) Un Peu, Beaucoup, Aveuglément! France
Two completely different people have to live next door in a house with very thin walls. He prefers silence and peace to concentrate on work. She’s a talented pianist, who can’t live a day without playing. These two can’t coexist peacefully, so we have to find a compromise.

9) How to Steal a Million, USA
The plot of the film follows a French family that earned a fortune selling fake works of art. When their false Cellini’s Venus is exhibited in the museum, the insurance company orders an examination of the work that guarantees that the family will be exposed. To save the reputation, the heir of the family hires a rogue to steal the statue. But she doesn’t know that the man she hired isn’t a criminal but a detective. Nevertheless, the man steals the statue for the sake of a charming Parisian lady. The main roles in the film were played by Peter O'Toole and Audrey Hepburn.

8) 2 Brothers & a Bride, USA
Jake and Josh live in a vegetable farm with their mother. She cleans, cooks, and looks after them. When she dies, the brothers realize they don’t know anything about cooking, washing, and cleaning. So they make up a plan – one of them finds a wife to do all the house chores. That’s why they decide to go on a matchmaking tour to Russia, where they're promised to meet dozens of Russian women for marriage.

7) When Harry Met Sally, USA
Rob Reiner's film sought the answer to the famous question: “Can a woman and a man be friends or their natural instincts will take over?” It's easy to guess that the movie defends the second point of view, although after a failed attempt to start an affair, Harry and Sally become friends, trusting each other all their secrets. In the end, however, they decide that they fit each other so well that they should give their love a chance. The main roles in the film were played by Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan.

6) Trainwreck, USA, Japan
The plot follows a girl named Amy, whose father taught her that such thing as monogamy doesn’t exist. She grew up and became successful, having everything one can dream of: great friends, a huge apartment, a cool job, you name it. But there’s one problem: she can’t find that special someone. But soon she meets a guy, who makes her rethink her views on relationships.

5) Begin Again, USA
When two lonely hearts meet, you never know how it will end. Dan was once the head of a successful
record company which popularity has long passed. Greta is an indie performer, who recently experienced a painful breakup. Fate pushes them together to give a chance to start everything from scratch.

4) La Délicatesse, France
It’s a touching story of a timid clerk’s love to her boss, who recently went through a painful loss. She’s not interested in relationships, so the clerk has to find the way to reach out to her heart.

3) Love Actually, United Kingdom
The debut work of British director Richard Curtis follows not one but eight love stories at the same time. Why so many? Because Curtis didn’t want all these stories to be happy, but he also wanted happiness to eventually outweigh sadness. But not all of Curtis's stories are romantic. So, in one of the storylines, the elderly musician realizes that the closest person he has is his manager. Bill Nighy even won the BAFTA film award for hilariously playing the old rocker.

2) Romantics Anonymous, France, Belgium
What happens when a man and a woman show a common passion? They fall in love. This happened with Jean-René, the owner of a small confectionery, and Angélique, who can’t imagine her life without chocolate. But there’s one problem: both of them are so shy that they can’t tell each other about the feelings overwhelming them.

1) Pretty Woman, USA
A rather cynical modern adaptation on Cinderella, Harry Marshall’s Pretty Woman brings together a
millionaire and a prostitute. The financial tycoon hires an attractive girl not because of her ‘special talents’ but because he needs a companion for business lunch. So he turns her into a sophisticated lady, realizing that she’s the woman he was looking for all his life.

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  2. Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben, Germany
    One of the best romantic comedies based on life history!


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